Audi A3 and S3 2016

Audi A3 and S3 2016

The German brand has unveiled new versions of its Audi A3 and Audi S3. 2016 models change their calender while retaining the distinctive style of the firm from Ingolstadt.

The mechanical part of the Audi A3 restyled entrusted to many blocks. The offer begins with a TFSI gasoline 1.0l three cylinders last cry of 115 horses to 200 Nm of torque and extends 150, 190, 250 and 310 horsepower up to 400 Nm of torque on the S3. The catalog diesels offers 110 horsepower, 150 horsepower and 184 horsepower. Finally, the version “green” A3 Sportback e-tron retains its rechargeable hybrid set of 204 horsepower.

The marketing of the Audi A3 restyled begin next month. The first copies will arrive in dealership this summer. His appeal priced in Germany at € 23,000.

In terms of safety-related technology, the A3 is restyled weapon Audi Active Lane Assist and the Audi Pre Sense respectively to avoid lane departure and a risky situation. She also took the Audi Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and the Audi Traffic Jam Assist to manage the distance to the preceding vehicle and traffic in traffic.

Under the hood, we note the arrival entry in the three-cylinder 1.0 TFSI 115 hp. As for S3, the 2.0 TFSI unit gains 10 hp to develop 310 horsepower.

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