Audi A3 with LED lights and engine 1.0

New Audi A3 with LED lights and engine 1.0

Four new body colors available are blue Cosmo, gray Nano, Tango Red and yellow Vegas. At the rear, an interesting review of the bumper, made sportier with a dark plastic insert to contrast with the body.

Com virtually unchanged dimensions (4.24 m linghezza for a wheelbase of 2.60 m), the restyling covers on the front grille, wider and with more pronounced contours, and the lights, the headlights (also in LED option) more dishes while the rear bumper is slightly modified and headlights have been revised giving an image of greater overall width.

On the diesel entry-level engine is represented by the 1.6 TDI with 110 hp flanked by the more powerful 2.0 TDI declined in two variants from 150 to 184 hp. The four-wheel drive will continue to stay in range, and optionally you can also choose a sports suspension that lowers the ground clearance of 25mm.

With all the new technology of the latest generation systems, such as the frontal cameras and radars, at speeds below 65 km / h, the new Audi A3 (with automatic transmission) will accelerate, will brake and turn alone. In short, it will have an advanced semi-autonomous driving system. All this will be possible through the system known as Audi Traffic Jam Assist. To ensure the safety there will then also the rear cross-traffic system, able to warn the driver in the event of cross-traffic maneuvers such as reversing the output from a parking lot.

Audi A3 with LED lights and engine 1.0 1

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