Aston Martin will be 100-percent hybrid

Aston Martin will be 100-percent hybrid

Aston Martin chief executive Dr. Andy Palmer has announced that the British sports car brand will electrify its entire product range by the mid 2020s, becoming the latest car manufacturer to pledge a hybrid and all-electric future.

Aston currently has a partnership with Daimler, which supplies the British firm with V8 engines and electronics, and has its own ambitious electrification plans. But Palmer said Aston will try to develop electric powertrain components in-house, because it views them as a core technology. It will buy battery cells from a third party, but plans to assemble them into battery packs itself, and build electric motors.

Aston Martin is developing the RapidE, an electric version of the Rapide, and it’s believed that the company is working on integrating a hybrid drivetrain into the future DBX SUV. It wants to keep its electric and hybrid technologies in-house, too, rather than working with Mercedes-AMG as it has on the 4.0-litre biturbo V8s.

Aston is just the latest of a long line of automakers to announce electrification plans. Notably, Volvo recently announced that it would add some form of electrification to its entire fleet by 2019.

Aston Martin will be 100-percent hybrid

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