Aston Martin Valkyrie Interior Revealed

Aston Martin Unveils Updated Valkyrie

Compared to the renderings released last year when Aston Martin announced the project, which is a joint effort with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, an engineering venture born from the company’s Formula 1 efforts, the new images of the Valkyrie reveal not just updated aero that includes solid wheels instead of spoked ones, but also its roof-hinged doors. And, according to the automaker, there may be further changes still.

It also needed to be capable of extreme performance, therefore small and light (he calls the McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918 “big, clumsy and heavy”) and intimidating, like the very fastest superbikes. It also needed to be, in his words, “a piece of art.” He tells me about one customer, an American lady, who’s designing her entire house with the Valkyrie as its centrepiece.

Even the headlights have been shaved away in pursuit of ounces of weight reduction — they’re 40 per cent lighter than the lightest headlights in any other Aston road car. The rear centre brake light is 9.5mm high and 5.5mm wide. There are no side mirrors, just rear view cameras in the car’s front fenders behind the massive wheels.

Aston Martin Unveils Updated Valkyrie

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