Aston Martin Valkyri

Aston Martin Valkyri

The first Aston Martin V-car was the Vantage, and more recent models include Virage, Vanquish and Vulcan. Valkyrie, reckons Aston’s chief creative officer Marek Reichman, captures the drama of the ultimate Aston Martin. The British car firm’s names have deep meaning, he says, and “need to inspire and excite. To tell a story and enrich a narrative that stretches back some 104-years.

The hypercar was formerly referred to by the codename AM-RB 001, but Aston Martin Valkyrie was confirmed todays as the official name.

The car is co-developed by Red Bull Advanced Technologies and will use a naturally aspirated Cosworth 6.5-litre V12 that’s expected to produce 900bhp. It comes mated to a Ricardo seven-speed gearbox.

We must note that the winner must not be a resident of Belgium, Italy, Malta, Singapore, Thailand, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, or North Korea. This is a part of the rules, and the organizers say that this happens because of restrictions or prohibitions of these kinds of awards in those countries.

Aston Martin Valkyri

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