Aston Martin Unveils Updated Valkyrie

Aston Martin Unveils Updated Valkyrie 1

The updated Valkyrie has also been equipped with lightweight headlights that draw inspiration from Formula One. As the company explains, the low and high beam elements are attached to an anodized aluminum frame which enables them to be between 30-40 percent lighter than the “lightest series production headlamps available to Aston Martin.”

Another critical update to the styling of the Valkyrie are the headlights, which Aston claims are around 30 to 40 percent lighter than any other light in its lineup. The look the lights add is interesting, but then again, nothing on this car looks traditional or normal—and nothing should.

Aston Martin also says that there may be some other tweaks to the car down the road. However, it said that most of the body is structural, so you won’t be seeing any particularly drastic adjustments. We can’t wait to see more about this $3 million limited production hypercar in the future.

Based on the pictures, we can see that the Valkyrie gets top-mounted doors just like an LMP1 race car. Also, the car pictured is wearing carbon-fiber wheel covers. Aston hasn’t detailed these yet, but we’ve heard that they’re an optional aerodynamic aid.

Aston Martin Unveils Updated Valkyrie 1

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