Aston Martin to Present AM-RB001

Aston Martin to Present AM-RB001

The brand has already lifted the veil on the concept car version in July at its British headquarters, but this will be the first time we can see and touch the car even if we are not among the potential buyers.

“The AM-RB001 is destined to become the ‘hypercar’ of the decade, as well as an extremely attractive investment for collectors and enthusiasts,” said Asty Martin CEO Andy Palmer.

Under the hood of the AM-RB 001 there will be a V12 atmospheric 6.5 liters to produce 900 hp. It will be associated with a 7-speed transmission from Ricardo, a specialist in the genre who co-developed the McLaren V8 M838T. The manufacture of the carbon monohull was entrusted to Aston Martin’s long-time partner, Multimatic.

The brand announcing a weight-to-power ratio of 1kg / hp, the AM-RB 001 should not exceed one tonne. Finally, it is Rimac, creator of the Concept One of 1088 hp, who will provide the necessary batteries for the KERS system. For the rest, braking has been entrusted to Alcon and Surface Transforms, engine management and ESP will be the charge of Bosch while the LED lighting will be carried out by the British Wipac.

Aston Martin to Present AM-RB001

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