Aston Martin plots mid-engined 488 rival

Aston Martin plots mid-engined 488 rival

The Valkyrie itself is a proven testament to dominance against current hybrid hypercar Trinity that will battle with the lights of Mercedes-AMG Project One. According to Car Buzz, “If Aston Martin decides to go this route, it could end up building some serious Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 720S fighting mid-engine supercars.”

The head honcho discussed the supercar that will follow the halo vehicle, stating that the model will be built on the “form follows function” priciple, while betting on the Aston Martin beauty card.

The new model will be built in Gaydon alongside the DB11, the Vantage, a replacement for which is coming later this year as a much more sporting model, and the Vanquish, which is to move into true front-engined supercar territory in 2018.

“As proof of that intent I’m incredibly excited to announce that we will be putting both the Vantage AMR Pro and Rapide AMR into production: the Vantage in an extremely limited series of no more than 7 cars; the Rapide as a run of only 210 cars. They are the start of something very exciting – a programme that will eventually see an AMR version of every model in the Aston Martin range”.

Aston Martin plots mid-engined 488 rival

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