the Aston Martin DB9 Russian version

the Aston Martin DB9 Russian version

The style emphasizes the stretched and elongated lines on the profile along with glazing, but also to the front and rear with the processing of lights and grille, replicated at the rear. A set that is reminiscent in some ways the Lagonda sedan of the 70 / 80. On board the board sports a large surface of wood, combined with screens.

The style studio Moscow Cardi redone about him, with an ambitious new project. The Cardi 442 intends to “modernize” the Aston Martin DB9.

Working in many areas, Cardi regularly returns to the automobile for exclusive projects. Here is the Cardi 422, based on the basis of an Aston Martin DB9. It is not just dress up the structure of the English cut, but to rebuild a completely different vehicle, inside and out. Shown only in digital format, this 422 is for the time at the dismantling of the Aston Martin base …

the Aston Martin DB9 Russian version 1

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