Aston Martin confirms Valkyrie

Aston Martin confirms ValkyrieA valkyrie is a female figure who carried those who died in battle to the mythical afterlife, Valhalla – perhaps slightly ominous, given the car’s insane performance. Still, there are worse ways to go through the pearly gates than in a bespoke Aston Martin V12 hypercar.

Aston Martin just announced the name of this beast, which will boast a 6.5-liter Cosworth-built V12 engine and make 4000 lbs of downforce without a traditional rear wing. Engineered in partnership with Red Bull F1, the car is targeting some truly outrageous performance figures: 4.5 g of cornering grip, a top speed of 250 mph, and a 0-200 sprint of just 10 seconds.

In fact, very few things about the car have been detailed, except for a promise of one horsepower per kilogram of weight. This means it’ll be blisteringly quick, and since Aston will produce fewer than 200 of the things, they will be blisteringly expensive, too.

Aston Martin confirms Valkyrie

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