Another week’s patience for Jaguar E-Pace

Another week's patience for Jaguar E-Pace

Jaguar turns hot for the unveiling of the E-Pace. The brand releases some images from the test work performed in recent months with the new SUV. Of course we can not see the car completely, so the E-Pace is packed with camouflage material.

The car has been subjected to a very intensive test program over the last 25 months, as has happened with almost all new cars for years. Over 150 prototypes were deployed by about 500 engineers and test drivers, passing along (or on) the Nürburgring and Nardo high-speed circuit and challenged extremely high temperatures in the Middle East desert, high heights in China and To 40 degrees below zero in the high north of our planet.

According to information released by Jaguar as aperitif on July 13, the development prototypes have been tested on four continents. From the “green hell”, the famous Nürburgring (400 laps) over the Nardo high-speed test circuit to the Middle East desert (48 degrees Celsius) and the icy cold (-40 degrees Celsius) of the pole circle, he has it all With glory overcome, like extreme heights (1,500 meters) and 50 centimeters of deep rivers in the most remote provinces of China. In total, over 500 engineers have tested 120,000 hours of testing. Competition knows what to expect.

Another week's patience for Jaguar E-Pace

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