Alpine A110 does not make the figuration

The Alpine A110

22 years after the production shutdown of the A610, the last car sold by Alpine, the manufacturer at Losange undertook the renaissance project in 2012 under the impetus of Carlos Tavares, a great sports car enthusiast, In partnership with the British Caterham.

The new Alpine A110, heir to the legendary berlinette, even cracks the Swiss luxury enthusiasts. “I’m 61 and I feel like a kid,” says Patrice Guerzoni, a client.

Since the opening of the Swiss trade fair, many people have rushed to discover the last sport coupe of the dieppe brand. 22 years after the stop of the A610.

With its features: 1080 kg empty, 4-cylinder gasoline 1.8 turbo for a power of 252 HP, and a price slightly less than 60 000 euros, the A110 intends to compete with the German sports models of Audi and BMW , Some Porshe (the 718) but also: the Alfa Romeo 4C.

The Alpine A110

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