Alphabet introduces Waymo


By launching into the race of stand-alone vehicles, Waymo arrives in a very competitive market, dominated by Tesla and its AutoPilot prototypes tainted by a fatal accident in 2015. Disengaged media on this subject in recent years, Google strikes a blow by announcing its Entry into the market.

At a press conference, the CEO of the brand made it clear that Waymo was not aimed ultimately to market a Google car, but to develop partnerships with car manufacturers. The company is currently working in partnership with Fiat Chrysler on a shared car development program.

For now, Waymo’s future remains rather vague and the firm is cautious. No concrete plans have been announced, and the company is reluctant to communicate on any schedule. One thing is certain, from its creation to the marketing of its products, the firm Waymo reserves its lot of mysteries and astonishment.

The Alphabet group, owner of the world’s largest search engine, launches Waymo, its autonomous vehicle company. The company, led by John Krafcik, responsible for autonomous cars at Alphabet since September 30, 2015, arrives late in a very competitive market.


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