Acura NSX Concept EV Pikes Peak

Acura NSX Concept EV Pikes Peak

For 2016, Acura has transformed its new NSX hybrid supercar in an electric monster. 4 electric motors, 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, the NSX EV embarks actually the technology used by electric CRZ Pikes Peak in 2015.

However, there is a real parallel with the series since the NSX Torque Vectoring is based on the same technology … except that all wheels can be operated independently in terms of acceleration / deceleration.

The latter was then led to victory in the Challenge category Exhibition by the Japanese rider Tetsuya Yamano, which will also be at the wheel of the new Acura prototype electric this year.

“We have tested and prepared the car for weeks at Pikes Peak, and we greatly advanced its performance,” said the Japanese. “We are honored to take part in the event for the anniversary of the centenary since Pikes Peak is an event recognized by all motor sports fans around the globe.”

Tetsuya Yamano attempt to break the record for the category of the climb to 156 turns, reference he himself set last year in 10 minutes 23 seconds and 829 thousandths.

Acura NSX Concept EV Pikes Peak 1

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