About Audi A8

About Audi A8

The “first solo piece,” says Audi, but is not limited to an impressive length – the six-door has a wheelbase of 4.22 meters and six individual seats. Both the length and wheelbase of the Audi A8 XXL falls to each 1.09 meters from longer than the A8 L. According to information from other requests for corresponding models are already available.

Passengers accommodated on six individual seats, reverse need nobody. In the last row there is an entertainment system and a cool box. Unusual: the large Audi put a small motor. Its 3.0-liter V6 supercharged petrol engine generates 310 hp and 440 Nm of torque. The all-wheel-Six door runs in 7.1 seconds from zero to 100, the maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h. For delay the braking system from the Sport model S8 makes.

Consistent is also the drive. As befits a car in this category, this special-A8 is powered by a 3.0 TFSI engine with 310 hp and 440 newton meters. The acceleration from zero to 100 kilometers per hour is to be completed within 7.1 seconds.

So far, it is the Audi A8 L extended to unique. But the Ingolstadt engineers are already present other requests for special design. How much the limousine cost, it has, however, revealed no information Audi.

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