7 new vehicles electrified for Ford in 2017


The American giant will shift to higher gear on the electrification of its range. The brand plans to launch no fewer than 13 vehicles over the next five years. There are now 7 of the 13, including hybrid versions of the Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang in the United States, a rechargeable Hybrid Transit in Europe, and an electric SUV with a range of about 482 km.

Ford is also working on a stand-alone high-volume hybrid vehicle for professionals that could see the light of day by 2012 in North America.

For the mobility service market, Ford will also design a fully self-contained vehicle to serve carpooling or taxi companies like Uber or Lyft. It is scheduled for 2021.

To build these vehicles, Ford redesigned its plants at great expense; $ 700 million to Flat Rock, nearly 700 new direct jobs. But the investment of $ 1.6 billion dedicated to a new plant in Mexico is no longer on the agenda.


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