650 hp for Lamborghini Urus

650 hp for Lamborghini Urus

At the end of the year, it will be revealed, the long-awaited Lamborghini SUV. In order to keep up with the tension, Stefano Domenicali, Lamborghini’s topman, has revealed the ability of the car. Against Automotive News, he said that the SUV, which is currently called Urus in the walkways, receives 650 horsepower.

That power is provided by a V8 turbomotor, which according to Domenicali is entirely new. There will be a version with plug-in hybrid technology later, but it’s not yet known how much HP gets.

Despite the fact that we are likely to know how to figure it out, it is not yet officially known which engine will drive the Italian super SUV drive. According to Autoblog.com, the bullet is now by the church: it becomes a 650 hp strong V8 with double turbo.

Important for a sporty prestigious brand like Lamborghini is that the Uus V8 becomes stronger than that in the upcoming Volkswagen Touareg. Lambo is obliged to have the fastest SUV. With 650 hp, it is well behind the new Touareg, but also the Bentley Bentayga (608 hp), Maserati Levante S (430 hp), Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (570 hp) and BMW X5 / X6 M (575 hp) .

650 hp for Lamborghini Urus

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