640 km of autonomy for the Lucid Motors Air


This same Jason Hughes, who is also well known for his “exploits” of software piracy of the Tesla (s) has, since this first analysis, accessed the Tesla battery management system, which he tested on several Vehicles including a brand new X 60D.

Autonomous driving devices will be included as soon as the model is launched, and these technologies will be continuously improved with remote updates from the Air software such as Tesla. Finally, there will be an array of connectivity technologies starting with an application allowing to manage several functions of the car remotely.

It remains that water will flow under the bridges before the first copies of this Lucid Air take the road. The manufacturer will first have to get his factory out of the ground. It will be in Casa Grande, Arizona, on a site that will ultimately employ up to 2,000 people.

Commercialization planned for 2018 through a first model, all options, billed $ 100,000 (approximately 96,000 euros), comparable to the P100D again. It will be followed by a more accessible model around $ 65,000 (around € 63,000).


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