503bhp Mercedes-AMG C63 S

503bhp Mercedes-AMG C63 S

How about heated armrests? Warm air blown to the back of your neck? Heated rear seats? It takes its convertible duties seriously. And when the weather’s too grim even for those ameliorations, you can put the hood up and forget it’s a convertible at all, so effective is the insulation from the rude sounds of the car’s rush through the air.

That’s a lot of choice. Likewise, the C-class Cabriolet comes with a wide range of engines. There’s a pair of four-cylinder diesels badged 220d and 250d respectively, that more powerful 250d offered with four-wheel drive – 4MATIC in Mercedes-speak. If your fleet manager’s buying it for you, then you’ll likely go for one of these.

And the power delivery? Utterly delicious. Yes, there’s some lag at the bottom end, but by the time you hit 2000rpm you’ll have forgotten all about that, as the forces the C 63 S exerts moulds the superb AMG seat to the contours of your spine. It’s indecently quick in the mid-range, topping out with a hefty burst of power beyond 4000rpm that goads you into using the full gamut of revs.

I genuinely don’t think a fightier M4 or lardier RS5 would see which way this thing had gone, but rowed back to a more sedate, al fresco-ready pace, the C63 S is still a naughtily indulgent bit of kit. A properly enjoyable convertible. And stood still, it’s got to be the best-looking of the lot, which counts for a fair whack in this market. Just look at those arches…

503bhp Mercedes-AMG C63 S 1

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