50 limited Mercedes G63 AMG

50 limited Mercedes G63 AMG

The booth counts can be totally black (15 specimens) or dwubarwnie with white (24 specimens), ciemnobrązowymi (6 specimens) or jasnobrązowymi (5 specimens) of the elements.

Mechanics of the anniversary edition will remain unchanged. This means that 5.5 liter engine produces 571 Cv. Thanks to this large SUV capable of accelerating up to 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds.

The cost of this limited version of the Mercedes G63 AMG is installed at 22.2 million yen, that is, it is equivalent to about 750 thousand. Rubles We have the standard version of this model has been evaluated at 697 thousand uah.

Called Mauritius blue, which contrasts with the black roof, the side mirrors, bumper, mudguards and sides of the plates. Black 20-inch AMG wheels.

“Mercedes-Benz” G-Class on time from us already get used to it, despite its poor condition of the roads and quite useful genealogy today are very juicy models – especially if we are dealing with the strongest varieties of AMG. This looks on the inside, they were, finished in premium leather.

50 limited Mercedes G63 AMG

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