458 km / h Bugatti Chiron, yes it is possible


Like its predecessor, the Veyron, the Bugatti Chiron sees its maximum speed restricted by default. But to unlock the full potential of the monstrous V16 1500 hp, it can request additional spare key to open the gates of paradise …

For safety reasons, the maximum speed of the Chiron is currently limited electronically to 420 km / h. This is already sufficient to grant the title of fastest production car in the world, but some customers still wanting more, Bugatti planned a step ahead.

The speeds reached by Chiron have imposed some constraints engineers during its development. The test track Molsheim had to be modified, and the Wolfsburg involved the development of aerodynamics more than usual, the fan is limited to 300 km / h. acceleration and braking tests were also conducted on Colmar Airport (68).

Bugatti plans to beat the speed record for a production car in 2018. This will exceed 431.072 km / h achieved in 2010 by a Veyron Super Sport. Note that the Hennessey Venom GT had reached 435.31 km / h in 2014, but that record was not ratified by the Guinness Book because of a too limited production model (29 copies instead of the 30 required).

In a recent interview with Autoblog, the head of the engineering department of Bugatti, Willi Netuschil we learned in fact that the maximum speed can be increased to about 458 km / h if a customer wants.

It remains to find a long enough track to achieve such speed and stop! But there is no doubt that this poses no problem for Bugatti customers …


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