2019 McLaren F1 Hypercar

2019 McLaren F1 Hypercar 1

The 650S, the 675LT, and now the 720S even the P1, that technological marvel, a true piece of art, wasn’t an acceptable F1 successor. It began looking like we’d never get to see a McLaren F1 reborn… until now that is.

The X-1 took two and a half years to develop, though Ali suggests other one-offs can go from paper sketch to production in around 18 months. Buyers can choose whether their creation can be revealed to the world or crafted in secret.

The price of car will be around £2 million. This is the first time that the company had made sure that it will have picture in order to get an idea about it. The car will have a coupe like shape that looks pretty sleek. If the BP23 will belong to the category of GT, then having a coupe like body is pretty much understood.

These will help in energy conservation and correct usage of battery power. It will have a lighter but powerful battery which will decrease overall weight of car.

2019 McLaren F1 Hypercar 1

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