2019 Lincoln Nautilus Surfaces

2019 Lincoln Nautilus Surfaces

Lincoln unveiled a new crossover SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It’s not a completely new vehicle. It’s really an improved version of the Lincoln MKX. It has new engine options, a new grill and lots of new technology, including a system that helps drivers steer out of a potential crash.

Why the name change? We asked Randy Parker, Lincoln’s global head of marketing and sales, about it at the event. “Big, big change on this product, significant freshening on the front end, it was a really significant update, so we thought it was appropriate to make the change at that point,” said Parker,  who indicated that the days of MK-badged Lincolns are numbered. “It’s harder for people to sort out numbers and letters… There’s the old adage that the name doesn’t make the car, the car makes the name, but it is easier to remember names.

Like the Continental and Navigator the Nautilus also features new fender plates below the mirrors that incorporate the model name. Five of the six available wheel designs are also new for the 2019 model.

We’re not quite so stoked on the push-button transmission that lives on the center stack, it does make room for large cupholders and plenty of storage. Wireless charging is on hand, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus Surfaces

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