2019 Ford Ranger

2019 Ford Ranger

The next-gen Ranger is confirmed to come out next year and it will be looking to outdo the Colorado on every department. For starters, the Ranger will be built on the same platform that is used to produce the Ranger overseas. However, changes will be made on the body parts as the Ranger hopes to become lighter for the US market.

These include the availability of a new $1,650 leather option on 4×2 and 4×4 XLT Double Cab variants.

The new trim (as below) includes black leather accented seats (front and rear) and leather door trim inserts.

The Ranger is a class-leading vehicle, one that has already won back-to-back Drive Best Ute awards in 2015 and 2016 (XLT variant), but customers can truly see that Ford is listening and aiming to produce the best vehicles possible.”

The updated Ford Ranger is available to order now, with no changes to pricing; starting at $27,690 for the XL 4×2 cab chassis and climbing to $61,790 for the flagship Wildtrak 4×4 double cab (all pricing excludes on-road costs).

2019 Ford Ranger

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