2018 Toyota Camry debuts from RM86k

2018 Toyota Camry debuts from RM86k

Nothing says it’s the holidays better than getting an ominous message from your boss about cutting costs. In this case, Bloomberg Technology reports the plant manager at Toyota’s massive Kentucky manufacturing facility told 8,000 full-time employees that the automaker could build a Camry in Japan, ship it to the United States, and sell it for a larger profit than cars made in the state.

The Camry remains a popular choice for families and fleet buyers so it is important high levels of safety are offered,” ANCAP CEO James Goodwin said.

The model is also said to be quieter and welcomes a more comfortable ride.

Standard features include pre-collision warning/emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, alloy wheels, and an electric park brake.

2018 Toyota Camry debuts from RM86k

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