2018 Skoda Octavia RS245

2018 Skoda Octavia RS245

It is undoubtedly less pretty than the pre-facelift model, but in RS guise at least it seems pretty well proportioned – and in the metal it’s a fair bit more attractive than it may appear on your screen.

The entry-grade models still look a little awkward, but the lower stance, sporty body kit and larger wheels – a gorgeous set of 19s, in the case of the RS245 – glue it together to be pretty convincing. In fact, in RS245 spec, I think the facelift model is better than its predecessor.

We’d pick the sedan if you insist on going ten-tenths on a regular basis, along with better pads, discs, and fluid. But overall the RS245 remains great value, even with a $1700 price hike.

It scores a new brilliant 9.2-inch touchscreen that’s infinitely better than the old smaller unit. There are also auto folding mirrors. The wagon body remains an Ikea devouring warrior.

It’s not as entertaining as it is practical, which is a lofty achievement in this case, but it comes close. The RS245 remains the thinker’s lead-foot chariot.

2018 Skoda Octavia RS245

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