2018 Nissan Leaf Not One To Hide

2018 Nissan Leaf Not One To Hide

Nissan continues the teasing game, despite a major leak of photos that show their new electric model out in the open with no camo at all, giving us a bit more info about the Leaf’s new aerodynamic design.

We few images have already made their way online. While most of them were not clear, the styling does seem to match what we have seen so far. The new Nissan Leaf will be coming in with a few features like the e-Pedal. Once turned on, the driver will only need to control the pedal as it will also work to slow and even stop the vehicle when the driver lifts their feet off the pedal.

‘In heavy traffic and during city commutes, drivers will greatly reduce the need to shift from one pedal to the other, making your drive simpler and more engaging.’

We’ll have to wait until the new Nissan Leaf is officially revealed to find out which of these systems actually makes it into production. What we can tell you is it’s not just Nissan that’s thinking outside the box: Honda has also devised a car that can sell electricity back to the grid when it’s not being driven.

2018 Nissan Leaf Not One To Hide

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