2018 Nissan Leaf Is Aerodynamically

It's amazing when nothing holds you back

Nissan says the “improved aerodynamic design that makes [the new Leaf] even more efficient, allowing drivers to travel farther on a single charge”, although the company has yet to provide a coefficient of drag figure or details about the new car’s driving range.

Word has it that Nissan will reveal the new Leaf next month, so we’ll obviously learn more shortly. Aside from the better design and greater interior space, the EV will have a range of 165 miles on a single charge. That’s not good enough these days, but rumor has it that range is for the base model only and its 40 kWh battery pack. An optional 60 kWh battery is also expected, and that will get the new Leaf to achieve over 200 miles per charge. Again, we’ll hopefully have complete details in the near future.

The new trailer opens with the line “It’s amazing when nothing holds you back,” referring to the aerodynamics of the new Leaf. Then we see an animation of a rectangle in a wind tunnel being whittled away into a shape that resembles an airplane wing. Then we see a line drawing of the new Leaf cutting through the air giving you “quieter, smoother, more efficient journeys.”

Set to make its world debut on September 6, ahead of a public unveiling at the Frankfurt motor show, Nissan has confirmed the LEAF will introduce its next-gen ProPILOT semi-autonomous cruise control and parking aid.

It's amazing when nothing holds you back

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