2018 Honda Accord debuts with two turbo engines

2018 Honda Accord debuts with two turbo engines

Honda proclaims the 2018 Honda Accord is the most dramatically styled, luxurious and fun-to-drive model in its 41-year history. Since we have yet to drive it, and photos say infinitely more about styling than words can, what we can confirm is how pleasant and upscale the interior is. Pricing has yet to be announced, but the layout, styling and materials of the 2018 Accord’s cabin feel much more like Acura than Honda. And in some ways, it’s even nicer.

Honda will continue to offer a hybrid variant, using a 2.0-litre Atkinson cycle inline-four paired to the requisite electric powertrain bits. Exact details are still under wraps, but Honda says the new Accord hybrid’s 40 per cent thermal energy efficiency is the highest of any mass-produced engine across the globe, and the electric motors are kinder to the planet by not using any rare earth metals. This time around, the battery pack is located under the floor, meaning the rear seats can still fold flat and trunk space is unaffected.

Finally – and I think what most people are forgetting – you can order a manual with both turbocharged engines. This is key and something that no other competitor offers. We all decry the loss of three-pedal cars, but Honda is here offering a manual on the top-spec engine in a midsize sedan. An 2.0-liter Accord Sport with a manual and a slight tune could be a real sleeper.

The 2018 Accord features a lighter and more rigid body structure, a more premium and athletic design, a new face, LED lighting, dual exhaust, three new engines, two new turbos and the world’s first 10-speed automatic transmission for a front-drive car, in a shortened overall length.

2018 Honda Accord debuts with two turbo engines

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