2018 Honda Accord charges into slumping sedan

2018 Honda Accord charges into slumping sedan

Honda has unveiled its 10th-generation Accord sedan in Detroit, showing the world its most dramatically styled version of the perennially best-selling American-built sedan. The new Accord gets longer and wider, features three new powertrains and drops the coupe version in favor of a sportier Sport version that offers a manual transmission with either of its two turbocharged powertrains.

People shopping in this segment will be happy to hear that pricing won’t change too much. A slight increase over the outgoing model is expected, so the base model will cost you a little more than $22,455 MSRP price tag of the 2017 Accord LX while the hybrid is going to command a minor premium over the base $29,605 MSRP 2017 Accord Hybrid.

The Accord and Camry are pillars of their manufacturers’ US businesses, each selling well over 300,000 vehicles a year. In the coming months, Nissan is expected to launch a new Altima midsize sedan, and Hyundai will launch a new Sonata. Both are popular marques that will be promoted heavily.

As for safety, all US models will be equipped with Honda’s full suite of active driver aids such as autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warning, lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control and traffic sign recognition.

2018 Honda Accord charges into slumping sedan

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