2018 Ford F-150 Now Available

2018 Ford F-150 Now Available

Ford, GM, and FCA fleet all distinguish their law-enforcement offerings as either “Pursuit” or “Special Service Vehicles,” but according to officials on hand at the F-150 Police Responder’s unveiling, there is no SAE or global pursuit standard—each company devises its own development targets.

Its core is the F-150 FX4 off-road model sold to consumers, but from there Ford makes some significant changes. The steel frame – with a 145-inch wheelbase – is topped with an aluminum-alloy SuperCrew body for maximum interior space. Underbody skid plates are fitted in case chases go off-road.

Mechanical modifications for police duty include an upgraded front stabilizer bar and brakes, and a more powerful alternator to handle the load of electrical accessories like police lights. The truck also has a police-calibrated speedometer, and engine-hour meters and engine-idle-hour meters to monitor usage. Skid plates and a Class IV tow hitch complete the package.

Other cop-specific items include a vinyl-covered rear seat that’s easily, er, washed, as well as special cloth front seats with anti-stab plates to protect front-seat officers from back-seat attackers. The gauge cluster includes engine-hour and idle-hour meters, the shifter is on the steering column, and a 240-amp alternator helps power the numerous lights and electronics used in modern police cars. To aid the F-150’s stopping and turning abilities, Ford fits upgraded brake calipers and pads and a new front anti-roll bar.

2018 Ford F-150 Now Available

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