2018 Dodge Challenger Floats Like A Butterfly

2018 Dodge Challenger Floats Like A Butterfly

The first of 15 teaser videos of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was published earlier this month, and two more have appeared since then. Very short clips that reveal very little, but that keep us on our toes until all the info on the car is unveiled.

Dodge is still holding plenty back at this point but it did say that this will be the “new ultimate performance halo” model of the series. It’s reported that this model may be even more powerful than the 707hp Challenger Hellcat as well as the 645hp Viper ACR.

Some additional mass may be stripped from the suspension, which should feature modified geometry to suit the car’s extra-wide front and rear tracks, but if we are right in thinking that the cryptic license plate is torque related, the driveline will have to be fortified. Carbon-fiber driveshafts saved the BMW M4 11 pounds over a 4-series coupe, with the bonus being that CF shafts are stronger and stiffer, improving reliability.

But, once again, such a system requires hefty components – keep in mind that the drag radials of the Demon, as well as the prepped surface that will be its best friend, enjoy whipping a vehicle’s drivetrain to the point where the safety word is no longer respected – remember the tuned Hellcat that blew its carbon fiber driveshaft to smithereens?

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