2018 BMW X4

2018 BMW X4

The ideal solution is to pursue volume and that can be done by having more attractive cars getting released. However, for BMW, they are not going to do that as the Bavarian brand prefers to take inspirations from Mercedes’ products.

This is proven today when a spy photo of the upcoming X4 surfaced online and it created a lot of confusion among enthusiasts. This cannot be helped as one can easily mistake the rear of the X4 for a Mercedes-Benz. The front, on the other hand, is typical of a BMW.

But in the US, this star standing above the hood will disappear from the Mercedes C-Class . The communicators of the brand announce in fact that in America, this type of badge is perceived as too traditionalist. The younger clientele would prefer other versions of this badge, with a simple badge above the grille or a big star contained in this grille.

Let the fans of the star reassure: it will always be possible to order his Mercedes C-Class with a small star over the hood on the other side of the Atlantic. And even in the US, the E-Class and the most luxurious models will continue to display the star above the hood. Until when ?

2018 BMW X4

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