2018 BMW M5 Arrives with 600 hp

2018 BMW M5 Arrives with 600 hp

M-specific compound brakes are standard, but buyers can opt for carbon ceramic units if they want to track the car regularly. Carbon ceramic brakes take longer to heat up, but they can handle the rigors of track driving for far longer than ordinary steel brakes.

Drivers can choose between fully automatic shifting in D mode, or opt for sequential gearshifts via the new short gear selector on the center console—or the M shift paddles on the steering wheel.

Official U.S. specs haven’t been made public, but BMW announced that without pesky humans, the overseas M5 would weigh about 4,090 pounds.

The addition of all-wheel drive might upset some purists, but it marks a big step forward for BMW’s performance sedan. Will it be enough to take on Mercedes-AMG’s 603-hp E63 S, which has already had one generation to work out the all-wheel-drive bugs? We can’t wait to find out.

2018 BMW M5 Arrives with 600 hp

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