2018 BMW M5 600 hp and AWD

2018 BMW M5 600 hp and AWD

The wait is finally over, my fellow BMW enthusiasts. It’s finally here. The F90-generation BMW M5 has officially been released. No more scouring the interwebs for brief, low-resolution images and video clips. You can now see it in all of its glory.

If these images are the real deal, then the 2018 M5 will follow the same styling pattern as previous versions. Styling changes over the standard 5 Series are fairly subtle, and include a more muscular front fascia, trademark fender vents, and a rear diffuser flanked by quad exhaust outlets.

You’ll be able to take the M5 and the rest of the game’s lineup across multiple terrains, whipping around corners and shooting down straightaways at speeds that would be considered ill-advised for your standard Sunday drive.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a car company partner up with a new game to reveal a performance model. Back in June, Porsche inked a deal with Forza 7 to debut the 2018 911 GT2 RS at E3 2017. The 700 HP coupe will be a playable star of the Xbox One X title when that’s released, though the “most powerful road-approved 911” will be a whole lot rarer in the streets than BMW’s speedy sedan, not to mention considerably more expensive.

2018 BMW M5 600 hp and AWD

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