2018 Audi Q5 First Drive


Just avoid the configurator on Audi’s website unless you want to spend a considerable wad on options. We personally couldn’t resist the Technology Pack, which includes an 8.3in display between the dials – complete with flash Google Maps navigation – plus more steering wheel controls, wireless smartphone charging and built-in audio storage.

Though we can only speculate how the US-spec Q5 suspensions perform, the rest of this crossover feels capable, thoughtfully designed, and well put together – and importantly, with a powertrain that supports a broad variety of driving habits, from low-consumption commutes to irresponsible, tire-spinning romps. If our drive along the Baja California coast is any indication, Audi’s new south-of-the-border factory should stay very busy churning out second-gen Q5s.

Well, it’s not exactly cheap, probably starting at just under £40k, but it has to be said that the new Q5 really is better than the old one in pretty much every direction. It’s better to drive, better to look at, better equipped. It sold absolute shedloads in the last iteration (the global best seller in the segment at 1.6-million units according to Audi), and there’s no reason at all this version shouldn’t do the same. As safe bets go, this is rock solid.

Like I said, I’m a big wagon fan, and the 2017 A4 allroad tickles the same lustful synapses as have previously been triggered by the Volvo V90 Cross Country. From the outset they’re more nimble than a crossover but more practical than a sedan, while Audi’s excellent quattro system and punchy TFSI engine delivers a surprising degree of performance on and off the road.


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