2017 Toyota C-HR Interior Design

2017 Toyota C-HR Interior Design 1

Even though the pictures make it look as if the C-HR is a subcompact crossover, the hybridized model is actually slotted in the C-segment. Its dimensions tell it how it is: 4,360 mm (171.6 in) long, 1,795 mm (70.7 in) wide, 1,555 mm (61.2 in) high, plus a wheelbase of 2,640 millimeters (103.9 in).

The latter is what interests us the most because interior space depends on wheelbase. To put those 2,640 mm into perspective, the subcompact-sized Nissan Juke makes do with 2,530 mm (99.6 in), while the compact-sized Renault Kadjar ups the ante to 2,647 mm (104.2).

The cabin of the C-HR complements the urban, sporty theme of its exterior. It comes with lots of gizmos and a handful of switchgears that culminate to form a contemporary interior design. The stylish dashboard features a 6.1-inch wide freestanding touchscreen infotainment system along with a digital clock. The center console is more tilted towards the driver, indicating a driver-focused approach.

Engine lineup will include a 1.2L petrol, 2.0L petrol and a hybrid. The 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine makes 72 kW (97 hp) and 142 Nm of torque and is available with a 6-speed manual gearbox or CVT. The 2.0L N/A petrol engine produces 148 hp and 193 Nm of torque and is fitted with a CVT as standard.

The hybrid powertrain combines a 72 kW (97 hp) 1.8-litre petrol engine with a 53 kW (71 hp) electric motor. Power is sent to the front wheels via an electronically-controlled CVT.

2017 Toyota C-HR Interior Design


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