2017 Subaru Levorg Launch

2017 Subaru Levorg Launch

There is no point in loading up your car though if there’s a chance you won’t get it to the destination. Again, the Levorg is coming up trumps (note small ‘t’). The turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine is proving a very capable power unit. With 168bhp on call, the flat-four seems a smooth and refined unit, whether you’re down at the bottom end of the rev range or exploring the top. It may lack a bit of character compared to some of the Subarus of old, but maybe that’s a price worth paying.

And getting that power to the ground is another reassuring aspect of the Levorg. The standard four-wheel drive system keeps those wheels turning pretty much whatever the weather or whatever the road we’ve been on. It doesn’t do much for the fuel consumption, which is a not terribly wonderful 31mpg, and perhaps in time Subaru will look at a part-time or selectable system.

The Levorg GT, as with all Subarus, is four-wheel drive in its road-going configuration, but with four-wheel drive banned under the BTCC’s technical regulations, BMR has had to configure the car with rear-wheel drive.

Neal explained that a switch to rear-wheel drive is an option that has opened up for Honda, with the upcoming tenth-generation Civic model.

Its easy enough to live with as a daily driver, the pricing is spot on compared to its rivals and the performance is more than up to what you might expect.

I am looking forward to having a drive of the GT, however I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Levorg GT-S ends up winning the most Australian buyers.

Subaru describe their new offering as a car that fits an active lifestyle, true, and it does it with a whole bunch of Adrenalin pumping fun too!

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