2017 Renault Alaskan midsize pickup

2017 Renault Alaskan midsize pickup

Alaskan is going to win hearts of many due to its special design and stunning forceful front-end. Alaskan drivers will enjoy a drive of five link rear suspension which pretty unique for pickups. This vehicle will surely cater high performance with this kind of features.

Along with that it shows off great off-road capabilities which is again a plus. The vehicle will boast a 2.3 liters dCi engine to go with it under the boot. This engine will make sure that drivers get the best fuel economy while driving it.

“ALASKAN’s design includes assertive dimensions and a visual impression of power and strength. It is the perfect companion for leisure use and everyday motoring,” said Laurens van den Acker, Groupe Renault SVP, corporate design.

Highlighting the pickup’s width and stance are the sculpted wheel arches that can house 16- or 18-inch diamond-effect wheels. The rear is a straightforward design and only features the essentials; vertical taillights chrome rear bumper and the tailgate.

The bed itself is heavy-duty rated and comes with an anti-slip coating. It is also UV and water resistant. Depending on the market, it can be had with either a short or long bed. Quick-fit hooks, on the other hand can secure precious cargo while a 12V power supply can recharge or power certain equipment.

Renault Australia hopes its strong performance in light commercials like the Kangoo van (2nd best-seller) and the Master (3rd best-selling big van) will help it pave the way to some strong sales in the growing ute segment.

Mercedes-Benz has also announced plans that, it too, will produce its first pick-that will be on sale by 2020. The new German ute will also be based on the NP300/Alaskan platform. Like the Renault it will be have its own fresh sheet metal but unlike the French and Japanese duo, the Benz will come with its own engine and transmissions.

2017 Renault Alaskan midsize pickup 1

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