2017 Nissan Navara in Spain

2017 Nissan Navara in Spain

The launch event took place at the rugged Pyrenees Mountains of Barcelona, Spain, to showcase the off-roading capabilities of the vehicle which are perfectly matched to perform in this grueling terrain.

The all-new Nissan pick-up Navara has already been named International Pick-up of the Year 2016 in Europe. It builds on Nissan’s 80-year heritage with 14 million pickups sold in over 170 countries through 12 generations. Combining toughness and modernity, it is the ideal vehicle for dual users who depend on their pick-up for professional and personal use.

However, if there’s one area where the NP300 Navara scores handsomely over the Hilux, it’s in the visual department. Its sleek nose with swept-back headlights is a far more appealing proposition than the somewhat frumpy looking Hilux’s bluff beak. The Wide Body Navara looks particularly good with its flared wheel arches, 16-inch alloys and side steps, although Ford’s Ranger Wildtrak does a far better job at looking tough.

The acid test for the NP300 Navara will come in the hands of the end users. If they find the vehicle is able to withstand the wear and tear of daily duties without costing them more than a Hilux to operate, then its prospects appear bright. We don’t see much of a market for the top-end model, given its engine options. Either way, it appears to be enough of an improvement over the oldie to deliver at least some of the 41% increase in sales that Nissan is targeting.

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