2017 MINI Cooper Countryman the hybrid


The automaker says that the car will travel nearly 25 miles in pure electric mode. Unfortunately, there’s no word on what Mini expects the MPGe to be, when it’ll be launched or pricing. Although there is talk that the MPGe will be announced in December and the car might be on sale in the US in March 2017.

It also adds a dimension to the Mini line-up that was previously missing, and ushers in a new era of being able to fill niches that just a few years would have felt out of place for the retro-inspired car company. Look for the 2017 Mini Cooper Countryman startin in March of 2017.

He has since been focused on recovery and training for this next step is his career. With his sights firmly set on the Dakar Rally, Menzies (along with his long-time co-driver Pete Mortensen) will attempt to make his mark on the toughest off-road race in the world.

The gas-powered Countryman goes on sale in March 2017, while the hybrid is set to arrive shortly thereafter in June. As for pricing, Mini’s not talking yet.


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