2017 Mercedes Benz E300

2017 Mercedes Benz E300

WB is indeed a striking highlight of the 2017 E Class. The car has been – put absolutely simply – pulled between the wheels and now measures 3,079mm. This is a stretch of 140mm over the outgoing model – quite commendable indeed. And also quite noticeable with the sedan’s side profile lending it a Maybach-ish aura.

The E300 shares the same 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine as the E200, albeit tuned for greater performance. It has 185kW and 370Nm, a more-than-adequate amount of grunt to get the big car moving along briskly.

The mature nature of the E300 is most evident in the design, where the new E is undeniably an evolved sculpture. I’ve said before, even if you can’t identify it as anything more than a big C-Class or a small S-Class, you will never mistake the W213 for anything other than a Mercedes-Benz.

Even if you get to the point where you feel that you need a more definitively sporty E-Class, then Mercedes offers the AMG E43. This is, after all, the brand with an answer for all questions.

Regardless, the E-Class is still the benchmark executive sedan, this E300 the balance of the range, a comfortable and capable adult, with a twinkle of youth still hiding beneath the seams.

2017 Mercedes Benz E300

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