2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R Teased

2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R Teased

The company has released the first teasers with the model, which could have under its hood the biturbo 4.0-liter V8 engine packing no less than 585 hp. The new model will be introduced to bridge the gap between the AMG GT S and the AMG GT Black Series, with the AMG GT R being mainly inspired by the AMG GT3 racer. Since we’re dealing with a bunch of teasers we’re not getting too many details out of them but as far as we can tell the new version will pack a sportier front bumper and a modified grille honoring the one on the race car. We can also distinguish a ventilated hood, a carbon fiber roof, and maybe some carbon fiber mirror caps.

Other highlight exterior features of the Mercedes-AMG GT R come in the form of an aggressive rear wing made from carbon fiber, roof and door mirrors made from the same material, beefier wheel arches, ventilated hood, center exhaust system, W194 300 SL-inspired front grille with vertical slats, and massive air intakes on the sides of the bumper.

Inside, AMG’s GT R street-legal track monster boasts yellow seat belts, body-hugging bucket seats, and Alcantara on the steering wheel. Underneath the skin, the model features a 4.0-liter biturbo V8 with more power than the 503 HP offered by the engine in the GT S. If you look at the license plate of the teased car, you’ll see that it reads 585, as in 585 PS. Converted to mechanical horsepower, that’ll be 577 HP.

In addition to more power, look for the GT R to feature some weight-saving mods to get it under the 3,627 pounds of the GT S. There will also be better brakes, sticker tiers and a series of aero upgrades aimed at increasing downforce.

Note, the GT R won’t be the most extreme model in Mercedes-AMG’s GT lineup. The tuner eventually plans to launch a GT Black Series. We’ve also heard that a convertible is coming down the line.

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