2017 Mercedes-AMG E63 S


The front end is reliable and accurate, and though the steering doesn’t give much feel it counters with a nice heft. The whole car feels like it’s incredibly accurate to your steering and weight-transfer touches.

Regarding flaws, we learn of a couple that might have us talking for the next few years: too much tire noise when you want it to feel calm and relaxed, plus the 9-speed gearbox not being able to shift fast enough.

Public roads are where any E-Class will spend its life, and driving it there provides useful insight into its overall characteristics. To go the extra mile and exploit the 600+ ponies fully, though, as well as test the Drift mode, a track is a much more suitable, and safer, venue.

So, apart from being extremely fast, does the E 63 S deliver on its promises? Oh yes indeed, as you can see in the video that follows.


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