2017 Maserati Quattroporte Facelift

2017 Maserati Quattroporte Facelift

Exterior design changes include a new front bumper, which puts its design closer into line with the new Levante SUV, and chunkier air vents for the front end. What you might not be able to see, though, is the new electrically adjustable air splitter. Maserati claims that this, along with the other changes to the Quattroporte’s shape, improves aerodynamic drag by 10%.

As anyone would expect, the Quattroporte GranLusso is laden with leather and open-pore wood. The Quattroporte GranSport, on the other hand, blends Piano Black wood with carbon fiber and leather to create a go-faster environment for the driver. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the Maserati Touch Control 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment unit has been updated with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring functions. But wait, there’s more to be told.

On the tech front, the revised Quattroporte gets an optional Advanced Driver Assistance package that includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, forward collision warning and emergency braking. A surround-view monitor is also included in the package.

The Quattroporte’s engine range carries over, but there have been a few tweaks resulting in more power and higher top speeds. The 3.8L twin-turbocharged V8 in the top-of-the-line GTS model has been tuned to produce 530 horsepower (up from 524), giving the four-door a new top speed of 192mph (+2mph). The 3.0L twin-turbocharged V6 in lesser Quattroporte models has been bumped to 410 horsepower (from 404), resulting in a new top speed of 177mph. Maserati will continue to offer the Quattroporte with a diesel powertrain in some markets, although that model remains off limits for U.S. buyers.

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