2017 Lexus IS


Taken as a whole, the raft of small changes to the range add up to a tangible lift in the IS’s perceived quality, as well as its on-road behavior.

Its in-your-face design brief will not appeal to everyone, but kudos for swinging for the fence. There are plenty of people who are more than happy to step away from the norm and into something with a bit of personality.

If there’s an overbearing bone to pick with the entire range it’s that the changes are subtle enough across the board that, some trinkets apart, it’s difficult to pinpoint much of an evolution. Yes, one headlining update is that every version gets the Lexus Safety System+ suite of features, which includes pre-collision safety protocols, lane departure warning, Sway Warning (or fatigue detection), active cruise control and automatic high-beams.

That said, even outside of the premium segment, most of these features are considered minimum essentials and the final two features, as nice as they are, are mere conveniences. That blind-spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert is only standard on F Sport and Sports Luxury makes the non-equipped base Luxury version look less than brimming with contemporary safety kit.


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