2017 Infiniti Q30


But, with the next-generation A-Class under a year away, it makes you wonder how Infiniti can justify having a car launch in Australia when its donor platform will be outdated in such a short time.

Either way, if you are in the market for an A-Class at the moment and want something a little different that feels premium and is affordable to run, the Infiniti Q30 is worth a look.

Call it a crossover, SUV, small hatchback… whatever, the Infiniti Q30 is a pleasing small hatchback, it feels high quality to drive.

Comfortable, stylish, and it combines just the right amount of fun and functionality.

As I mentioned, it’s important for Infiniti that this model succeeds, and judging by my experience with the Sports model, you should expect to see more of them on our roads in the near future.


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