2017 Honda Civic Type R caught

2017 Honda Civic Type R caught

A reader who decided to remain anonymous for some reason (Honda does not have secret cops or anything) sent these images of several 2017 Honda Civic Type Rs being delivered across the country. The pictures do not reveal us anything, unless you count that one shot of the Type R’s triple-tailpipe muffler, however the pictures are too little to begin nit-picking welds or anything similar.

The raunchy hot hatch will also have three driving modes: Comfort, Sport (default) and +R, there are Brembo brakes – 350mm at the front, and 305mm at the rear, active dampers and bespoke suspension settings that Honda says reduces pesky torque steer and improves stability under braking.

Interest in the new Type R Civic gathered further momentum recently with the car setting a new front-wheel drive lap record on the Nurburgring (details here).

We’ll bring you more news on the new Civic Type R in our Honda Civic News section as it comes to hand.

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