2017 Citroen C3 WRC


Citroen has also increased the width of the car to 1875mm, the maximum allowed under the 2017 rules. The automaker has also cut the production body shell to allow the fitment of a roll cage, a transmission tunnel, new subframes for the chassis and suspension systems, and that huge composite-fibre rear spoiler.

The C3 WRC rides on new tilted spring-shock absorbers designed for increase wheel travel. The 2017 WRC car also uses different suspension geometries for tarmac and gravel tracks.

After beginning work on the first prototype in late 2015, the C3 had its first test outing at the Versailles-Satory track in April.

Matton said Kris Meeke’s positioning as team leader will be crucial in helping the lesser experienced team-mates Craig Breen and Stephane Lefebvre.

“I think we’ll see that again now.

“I hope that the changes will stimulate interest among younger fans and will have a positive effect on the championship.”


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