2016 Tesla Model X 60D pricing confirmed

2016 Tesla Model X 60D pricing confirmed 1

Earlier today, we reported on Tesla quickly renewing the referral program for the fifth round with again a $1,000 discount on both the Model S and X, but at the time, Tesla had yet to reveal the prizes for the referrers.

Now the company released the list and there’s no big surprise. The small prizes are similar, the automaker will still raffle a Model X P90D with Ludicrous mode, but most interestingly, the company refers to an upcoming ‘Tesla unveiling event’ without specifying for what product.

Although pricing for the rest of the Model X range is yet to be announced, the company has confirmed today that the Model X 60D will start at  $111,900 (plus on-road costs).

Despite being an entry-level model, the 60D will promise over 350 kilometres of driving range, a top speed of 210km/h, all-wheel drive, and a 0-100km/h time of just 6.2 seconds.

The 2016 Model X in the new form is going to be cheaper and it will remain as powerful. This is down to the fact that it does come with a battery of 75kWh. The difference is that it is limited to just 60kWh. This gives the vehicle a range of 200 miles instead of the 237 mile range.

If you want to unlock the 15kWh that lies dormant within the vehicle then you have to pay out $9,500. This comes in at $500 more than the price difference between the 75D and 60D models.

The cheaper version of the Model X may offer the same purpose as the Model S 60D and this could be to attract buyers away from the Model 3 that’s going to arrive, so that the demand for the compact sedan is deflated.

2016 Tesla Model X 60D pricing confirmed 1

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